There is a high demand for skilled professionals in the UAE and there are more jobs than people to fill them. With new job opportunities opening up all the time, it can be hard to choose where you want your career to go. This article will take a look at 7 of the most in-demand job roles in Dubai so that you can find out what’s available and decide on your next steps.

Accounting and Finance

While the accounting and finance industry is not always considered to be one of the most exciting, it can certainly lead to an interesting career. With many companies moving towards automation in order to cut costs, there are plenty of opportunities for accountants who are looking for something more than just crunching numbers all day long. This includes responsibilities such as analysing reports and data so that the company can make informed decisions about future strategies. You might also have a hand in developing financial models or managing budgets!

IT Specialists

With the world moving towards technology, we now depend on it for pretty much everything. IT specialists are in high demand because they work with businesses to ensure that their infrastructure is always up-to-date and able to handle both new projects and existing workloads. There are many different specializations within this industry so you can choose exactly what interests you most; whether that’s working with software engineers or creating your own applications!

Project Managers

A project manager (or PM) manages resources like people, money and time during a specific period of work which has been assigned by an employer. They must make sure that all tasks are completed successfully before deadlines using any appropriate methods at their disposal while also keeping costs low enough to keep the project profitable. This role is very versatile and can cover anything from managing a team of software developers, to coordinating the construction of an office tower!


Engineers are in high demand because they have essential skills that are required for many different industries when it comes to both large-scale projects as well as small tasks. Core areas include civil engineering (roads, buildings etc.), electrical & electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering so you need not limit yourself if you’re interested in this field!

Human Resources

HR professionals work on everything from recruitment processes through to pay structures and performance reviews while also being responsible for legalities like policies and contracts. As well as having excellent organizational skills, you must also be able to resolve problems peacefully in order to keep the workplace functioning smoothly!

Sales & Marketing

Having marketing experience can help your career out immensely; especially if you’re looking for a company that is willing to give opportunities based on potential rather than qualifications. Good marketers are creative thinkers who understand how businesses work while being organized enough to manage large projects . This role varies depending upon whether or not you stay within one particular industry or branch into different markets so it might be worth considering other aspects of sales before making your final decision.

Customer Service Officers

A customer service officer (or CSO) works with both external customers as well as internal staff members in order to support the smooth running of a business. This includes activities like resolving complaints, offering product or service information and even dealing with inquiries via phone call or email . It’s important that you have excellent communication skills as well as being able to empathize with customers so they feel valued throughout their experience!